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Join us on our amazing, interactive GCSE exam preparation course. If you need to make 2-4 levels of progress we can help you in our 5 day course for biology, chemistry and physics. Click here for more details.

Success in Exams E-book

This excellent book, written by Indira Ghatak, is designed to give tips and timings for exams interventions. It is particularly useful for students, parents, early career teachers and tutors.  We have helped several hundred students with this book you can benefit too by clicking the link below:


School Workshops

Success in Exams’ are proud to present exclusive exams workshops aimed at helping parents and students develop the essential learning tools that most schools do not equip their students with. We also offer workshops in schools to help prepare students for exams and give them great psychological training to enable them to overcome their upcoming exams challenges.

These sessions are energetic, highly interactive and incredibly practical and will equip students, parents and teachers alike  with the very best tools that for preparing students for exams, including Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques, to ensure the most effective solutions to students barriers to revision.

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The Blended Coaching System

This is our proudest achievement and is bespoke support at its best. The Success in Exams’ coaching system involves a year long journey with a hand picked coach that will guide your child on their journey towards the exams; this on it’s own has a massive impact on exams outcomes. This program involves support online with our engaging online lessons and interventions with work with your child’s handpicked coach to ensure the best outcomes.

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