Top 5 Tips to Get You Ready for Your Exams

Being ready for your exams is far more than just getting
revision guides and reading.  The danger
that you face is resorting to tactics that you have used for previous tests
which have not serve you well in the past. 
If you are reading this, you know what I mean.  This post will outline 5 ways that you can
start work SMARTer and get yourself exam ready.
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5 Organise your Room
Your books, exercise books, practical books, controlled
assessments should be in neat piles according to subjects. You will waste a lot
of time looking for things if your room is untidy. Your life will be a lot
easier after you have organised your room and maintain it. Set aside some time
over the weekend when you tidy your room. Keep the past test papers so that you
can learn from your mistakes.  The time
you waste in a messy room looking for things far outweighs the time taken to
tidy it and keep it tidy.
4 Plan your Revision
There are many revision guides/ revision websites in the
market. But you should always read your TEXT BOOK first and then move on to
revision guides.
During my teaching career, I have seen students leave their text books in
school lockers
many times! Revision guides are good just before the exam period. They remind
you of
the key points, once you have understood them from your text book.  You need to get used to the teaching style of
the book so it is not a good idea to buy a new revision guide just before the
exam starts. (check out this e-book for examples of how to do this).
3 Deal with Procrastination.
Friends will phone you and ask you to go out with them, it
is hard to say “No”. If you
wish to do well, you have to be disciplined, there is NO OTHER way.
• Too many interruptions – telephone, TV, friends coming around, doing homework
while listening to music.
You have to learn to minimize these. Choose your favourite TV programme, do
time table in a way that you do not miss out. You can also record it, once you
completed your work schedule, you can relax and watch the recorded programme.
• Too many things at once.
Prioritize your work. If you have a test coming up, then work for the test. Do
past papers for that topic, look at the correct answers either in your text
book or in
given mark schemes on your Examination Board on that topic. Do not try to do
many things, it is better to do a little at a time.
2 Work closely with your revision plan.
If you have invested time working out how much time you have
left and how much time is needed on your revision, it is not wise to totally
abandon a plan. If you overrun recognise that this has happened and tweak your
plan so it fits the time you have used. 
Being disciplined means you are working at your optimum level.  However, if you find that the plan just isn’t
working, ask yourself the question… why not? 
If the plan has a flaw change the plan. 
If the plan is fine but there are other distractions find any way
possible to minimise, or change, the problem or ultimately avoid it.
1 Test yourself early and often
Working SMART means that you don’t revise everything
multiple times you need to keep reviewing your knowledge and identify your weak
areas.  A massive temptation is to avoid
your weaker areas to build confidence, though is a limited value in this your
weak areas are probably significant and if you tackle an area you already know
you are not working SMART you are working hard.
If you implement these strategies, you are working SMARTer
not harder and you will be more prepared for the exams.  For more tips or If you need help with any of
these steps, then we provide workshops and training to help you to ensure high
impact for your exams.  Also check the
e-book success in exam to gain more insight into the exam process.
Written by Christopher Jones (Hexis Plus)

Success in Exam by Dr Indira Ghatak

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