Top warning signs your child is about to burn out

Burnout is a term that is often associated with 30 something
city workers or people suffering from a “midlife crisis”.  Such is the pressure from schools to sit in
the right place in the league tables that some schools resort to questionable tactics
to enforce that the teachers apply the right level of coercion to get their
students to pass their exams. In the past schools may have left students to
their own devices at revision time, now there is a revolving door of
interventions from nearly all subjects vying for time with their students to
get them to revise for their subject more. The upshot of this is that more
students are feeling extreme pressure, and confusion, as to where to put their
energies; many of whom lack the skills to cope with the exam pressure.

How might burnout manifest itself


Our infographic below explains how to identify the symptoms
of burnout.

If you suffer from Panic attacks, then here is something
that you can try to reduce their duration and severity
How to calm yourself down:
Distract yourself, count backwards from 100;
Relax your body through deep breathing, in
through your nose and out through your mouth;
Frighten the panic. Shout at it in your mind
“you go away stupid panic I am not going to give in.” Show your anger while saying it;
Panic attack will go away; they are not harmful
to your body but to your grades;
Cover your nose & mouth, you will breathe in
more CO2 this way and slow your breathing;
To avoid onset of panic attacks before an exam
go for a walk, do some physical exercise. During exams, you can stretch your legs, do some neck exercise, and deep breathing.

Are there ways to Prevent Burnout?

Knowing that you are carrying out effective revision and you
are on track to finish at your desired grade can really help ensure that you
don’t burn out and as we know burnout means that you stop working and feel even
more stressed.  To find out more about
effective revision tips check out our e-book on Amazon or come along to one of
our parent sessions.
Written by Chris Jones
in Exam by Dr I. Ghatak 

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